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In court proceedings, proof must be provided to the court that a party or a witness received copies of certain documents, sometimes within a particular time frame. Arizona law requires that such legal documents be served by a Certified Process Server. The Certified Process Server acts as an unbiased third party in the legal proceedings. Process Servers are officers of the court and must pass an examination and an intense background investigation in order to receive certification.

I am considering switching process service companies, and I expect a very specific set of duties to be performed. How can I be assured that Fast Track Legal can handle all of my requirements?

We are eager to learn about your specific needs and to make it our goal to exceed your expectations. We have found that communication is the key to meeting the needs of our clients. We suggest calling us at (480) 373.8532 to set up a meeting with one of our officers to discuss your needs and how exactly we can fulfill them. You can also contact us online.

Does Fast Track Legal locate people, assets, or an individual's employment records?

Yes, Fast Track Legal has a full-time licensed private investigator on staff. Call us at (480) 373.8532 for more information.

Will Fast Track Legal file my documents every day?

Yes, we will file your documents every day at most Maricopa County, State and Federal entities. If your firm meets a minimum amount of process service work, scheduled daily filings are free.

How do I start using Fast Track Legal for my evictions?

Call (480) 373.8532 and speak to one of our representatives about your specific needs. From there we will arrange a good time for a meeting so that we can deliver the appropriate forms for you to start using our services.

How do I know that my papers have been served?

The Certified Process Server will notify you by telephone upon successful completion of service or in the event that a problem occurs. The following business day a Declaration of Service of Process is prepared and filed with the court where the action was initiated and a copy mailed to you.

How does the court know that my papers have been served?

The Declaration of Service of Process will be filed with the appropriate court the following business day. This document becomes a permanent record in the court file, proving the date on which service was accomplished.

What does it cost to have my documents legally served?

There are several factors that determine the service fee. Please call (480) 373.8532 for a service fee quote. We accept all major credit cards, Money Order, Checks and cash.

What if the person that I need to serve is out of state?

Fast Track Legal is able to arrange for service of your documents in other states.

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